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Youth Cycling Development Program Serving Southeast Manitoba since 2009

2023 Season will start April 25!


Kids of Mud (KOM) is the official youth cycling program of the Manitoba Cycling Association (MCA) administered by a group of participating clubs.

KOM is a learn-to-mountain bike and learn-to-race program for kids 16 and younger covering the Fundamentals, Learn to Train and Train to Train stages of the Long Term Athlete Development pathway.


Through the help of certified coaches and other volunteers, riders will learn the basics of off-road cycling with an opportunity to challenge their skill and fitness in any of the MCA mountain bike races open to age category racers.

Riders are registered with the MCA in one of these recognized youth cycling categories: under 17, under 15, under 13, under 11 and under 9 (based on their age as of December 31 of this year). Kids wishing to ride must have a helmet (it must be an approved cycling-specific helmet), a mountain bike with hand brakes and gears, know how to shift gears and be able to ride their bike without training wheels.


Training with Kids of Mud includes safety, braking, gears, hills, racing (optional), riding over small and large obstacles, trail riding & trail etiquette, and more.




Registration Details

Here are a few details regarding registration. It can sometimes be a little confusing as KOM registration requires 2 stages. Thankfully, the registration process this year eliminates a lot of the confusion because it is all done at the same time and it’s all online. Here are the two pieces of registration:

  1. A license through the Manitoba Cycling Association. Once again, there are two options for kids – a race license (indicated by “all disciplines”) that allows them to participate in races, and a general license that doesn’t allow them to enter races. They can upgrade to the race license if they want later.

  2. The Steinbach Kids of Mud registration.  COST: $70

License / Membership Type

Annual Fee (membership valid Jan 1 – Dec 31, 2023)

UCI/CCA Race License 17+ (International, multi-discipline)$135.00 *

UCI/CCA Race License U17 (International, multi-discipline)$90.00 *

Adult “Manitoba” License (All disciplines)$95.00 *

Youth 9-16 “Manitoba” License (All disciplines)$85.00 *

Kids 8 & under “Manitoba” License (All disciplines)$75.00 *

General Membership (non-racing)$65.00 *​


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